Does Your Pre-Formed Cove Look Like This?

Does your pre-formed cove look like this, months after installation?

If so, most likely you are not using Easycove® coving.

With proper installation using the appropriate adhesive, pre-formed coving should sit flush against the wall, without the need for pin nailing or excessive use of bonding materials.

With the one-of-a-kind “no caulk” lip, Easycove® coving eliminates the need for finish caulk and can be installed in a fraction of the time over other pre-cast cove bases or traditional trowel down applications.

If you want a coving that saves you time and money, and outperforms the competition in impact, tensile strength, bond and fire resistance, and for a smooth and superior bond to substrate – contact an Easycove® coving distributor near you today.

Heather Earley
President, Easycove®