Don’t Settle For Less With Your Adhesives

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Easycove and the adhesives we recommend are tested in our lab per ASTM Standards. We only recommend materials that we have tested.

We are always amazed when competitors state “any adhesive will work!”
The reality is that they will not.


Cove base should be a non-breathing material, and as such, when installed correctly, little air is available to act in the curing mechanism needed for 1k adhesives using Evaporation and Polymerization curing mechanisms. We know what we’re talking about when it comes to adhesives.




Adhesive Guidelines

Easycove 1K Adhesive for unmatched bond strength and waterproofing performance over concrete, CMU and other structural substrates. Equally beneficial wherer colder temperatures dictate terms of installation.

Loctite Premium PL 3X when adhering to drywall, decorative stone, plastic and areas where tensile strength of substrate is below 250 p.s.i.

Sherwin Williams Miracle Bond a multi-purpose repair adhesive for bonding.

Easycove has tested numerous adhesives and found the adhesives noted above to be the best tested thus far. If you would like us to test a specific adhesive, please contact us at