EASYCOVE® announces Desert Polymer Flooring, Inc. as their newest California distributor

Exclusive partnership ensures additional California exposure and availability of high quality coving products in the resinous flooring industry for USA/Western markets.

Libertyville, IL – Easycove® announced today, it has partnered with Desert Polymer Flooring, Inc. as its California distributor for Easycove® brand coving products.  The agreement includes distribution of 1”, 4” and 6” coving products as well as our high performance adhesive.   Under this agreement, Desert Polymer Flooring, will serve the entire California market.

Desert Polymer Flooring, Inc. provides industrial grade, decorative concrete coatings including epoxies, urethanes, stains, polymer cements and floor prep equipment.

“Desert Polymer Flooring is a key partnership for Easycove®, and we are thrilled to be working with Charles and his team of professionals.  Desert Polymer Flooring will greatly improve the capability to serve customers who desire quality coving solutions.”, said Heather O’Brien, President of Easycove®.  “Desert Polymer Flooring is a top-notch supplier of flooring products, who also serves to increase customer knowledge through quality training and events.  We are confident this partnership will collaboratively meet the demands for faster, more consistent coving installations as required by experts in the resinous flooring industry.” 

Charles La Salle, President of Desert Polymer Flooring, Inc. states, “Easycove® immediately appealed to us, meeting a need for high quality, easy to install cove base at a competitive price”.

About EASYCOVE® Easycove® is a manufacturer of uniquely pre-formed coving products engineered to create a vastly superior bond to the walls and floor for coving demands in the resinous flooring industry.  Installed in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional troweled coving, Easycove’s unique interlocking bond channels outperforms all other products on the market today.  The moisture barrier, impact and tensile strength is second to none, and offers significant reductions on labor and material costs across the board. Visit Easycove.com for further information.

About Desert Polymer Flooring, Inc. Desert Polymer Flooring, Inc. is a California based company offering a large inventory of diverse products to fit any industry need.