EASYCOVE® Appoints New International Product Manager

EASYCOVE® Appoints New International Product Manager

Fast Growing Coving Company Strengthens  International Exposure

Libertyville, IL – Easycove® announced today that Niyaz Abdullahkutty has joined Easycove® to further promote their coving products worldwide.  Niyaz comes with a wealth of experience in business development.  As an account executive in sales and marketing roles, Niyaz will be instrumental in bringing the Easycove® brand into the resinous flooring marketplace within the international setting.

Niyaz joins Easycove® as International Product Manager to further support the demands for Easycove® uniquely pre-formed coving products worldwide. Niyaz comments, “I am excited to take over this position and have recognized the immense scope of this product in the international market.  Easycove stands very distant from the traditional troweled covings, as it abundantly saves time, money and efforts.  This innovation is sure to achieve heights and very well to get appreciation from the construction industry.”

Heather Earley, President of Easycove® said, “Niyaz, under the direction of Brian Davies, of X-Calibur Construction Chemistry, Inc., not only brings with him a wealth of experience, but has the drive and determination we need to help deliver our unique coving products to the international region.  With his collaborative marketing style and ability to effectively acquire new clients, Niyaz will be a perfect fit within our company in helping us deliver faster, more consistent coving installations to the resinous flooring market abroad.  X-Calibur Construction Chemistry, Inc. was given exclusive international selling rights of Easycove® brand products for the GCC states (UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain), as well as Africa where it has operations in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and Tunisia in addition to Africa wide distribution.

Brian Davies, CEO of X-Calibur Construction Chemistry, Inc. said, “X-Calibur having its Arabia, Africa and Asia Regional Headquarters in the United Arab Emierates and through its subsidiaries in the region make it an ideal partner for Easycove’s international expansion.  This partnership benefits customers as they have technical service locally available and product can be supplied ex-stock at competitive prices”.


Easycove® is a manufacturer of uniquely pre-formed coving products engineered to create a vastly superior bond to the walls and floor for coving demands in the resinous flooring industry.  Installed in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional troweled coving, Easycove®’s unique interlocking bond channels outperforms all other products on the market today.  The moisture barrier, impact and tensile strength is second to none, and offers significant reductions on labor and material costs across the board. Visit www.easycove.com for further information.

About X-Calibur Construction Chemistry, Inc.,

Inc. is focused on the supply of high quality specialist construction products worldwide and is a market leader in the supply and installation of resin flooring products.  X-Calibur’s product range incorporates some of the latest technology worldwide reflecting experience in working on projects internationally. Its subsidiary and its Arabia, Africa & Asia regional headquarters X-Calibur International FZC, located in Sharjah United Arab Emirates, manufactures and distributes throughout the region. Visit www.x-calibur.us for more information.