Easycove Coving You Can Trust

Easycove: Coving You Can Trust

When you are starting a flooring project, you need all parts of the equation to be reliable. That’s why we’ve created our patented and unique coving that is sure to keep your labor costs down and save you time.

The Easycove advantage is simple:

  • Anti-caulk Bevel: no finish caulk needed
  • Dovelock Bond Channels: for superior adhesion
  • CSP3 Profile: built in anchor profile
  • Cove Anchor: patented wet block

Not only that, but our cove is faster and more convenient to install than traditional hand-troweled methods. You can learn about our installation here.

Easycove is patented, and earned this patent from our one-of-a-kind Cove Anchor to block wet conditions and our Dovelock Bond Channels to create and maintain a strong adhesion to the surface applied to.

Lastly, we make those pesky corners more manageable by providing pre-made or pre-cut options. Our specifications can be seen here.

Spend your time and money wisely and choose a cove you can trust: Easycove, simply Better by Design.

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