Easycove is a Game Changer

Easycove®: Your Time and Money Saving Cove Base System

Industrial and commercial flooring details count. State-of-the-art coatings and coving are necessary for successful flooring installations. Easycove’s product line is not just about streamlining installation; it’s about revolutionizing how contractors approach flooring projects. We offer three sizes of cove base that can easily be coated to match your flooring, the Easycove brand of Adhesive, and pre-cut and pre-made corners. These products are designed with your convenience in mind, making your job easier and ensuring high-quality results.

The foundation of the Easycove® product line is our innovative cove base system. Cove bases are essential for seamlessly transitioning from wall to floor, which helps with aesthetics, cleanliness, and sanitation. Traditional cove systems, such as trowel-down cove bases, can be labor-intensive and time-consuming to install, but we’ve created a patented system that makes your job easier. Our products are consistently manufactured to exact specs, ensuring uniformity across your project. Not only that, but our very own DoveLock Bond Channels and Cove Anchor, used in conjunction with our Easycove 1K Adhesive are, are unique and create the strongest bond possible, so your coving will not strip away from the wall.

1K Adhesive
All adhesives are NOT created equal! Are you spending money on a quality cove yet utilizing a cheap adhesive that does not meet the manufacturer’s guidelines for a superior bond? Easycove created our 1K Adhesive, which works best with our cove base system! Our Adhesive is formulated for quick application and strong bonding, streamlining the installation process. 1K Adhesive features fast-setting properties, so wait time is reduced, and combined with the unique, patented design of the Easycove cove base, our adhesive works to create the strongest adhesion possible. It is also extremely user-friendly and easy to use.

Pre-Made and Pre-Cut Corners
Creating seamless corners is one of the most challenging aspects of cove base installation. Easycove® has created pre-made and pre-cut corners to help cut down on time and labor costs. Each Easycove® pre-formed cove base corner replicates the unique DoveLock™ engineering and further encourages saving time, reductions in materials and labor costs, and continued ease of typical coving installations.
Pre-cut corners are a cost-effective choice that offers flexibility for non-standard corner angles. The benefit is that you can make adjustments during installation! Pre-cut corners are cut at a 45° angle and require assembly in the field. We recommend Join & Seal Adhesive for bonding corners. These are fast, easy, and half the cost of Pre-Made Corners!

The Easycove® product line is a game-changer for flooring contractors looking to optimize their workflow, reduce costs, and deliver high-quality results. By incorporating the Easycove® cove base system, 1K Adhesive, and pre-made or pre-cut corners into your projects, you can achieve superior performance while saving significant time and money. It’s simple: Easycove is simply Better by Design, giving you the peace of mind that your projects will be efficient and cost-effective.

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