Easycove Welcomes Epoxy2U as Distributor

Libertyville, IL – Easycove® is thrilled to announce today, it has partnered with Epoxy2U as a distributor for Easycove® patented coving products.  The agreement includes distribution of 1”, 4” and 6” coving products as well as our high-performance adhesive.   Under this agreement, Epoxy2U will serve the Southwest and their dealer distribution points.

“Epoxy2U is focused on quality relationships, quality products and satisfied customers.  This is a direct fit for Easycove®, and our partnership will provide flooring professionals with superior products and systems that exceed expectations.  We are pleased to have this partnership, as it broadens our customer base and further reiterates that Easycove®is focused on providing outstanding products to the resinous flooring industry.” – Heather O’Brien, President, Easycove®.

“We chose to team up with Easycove®, to focus on great products and outstanding customer service.  The patented coving system was a huge plus as well.”   – Mark Sammons, President, Epoxy2U

About Epoxy2U

Epoxy2U is a liquid polymer production and manufacturing company located in Tempe, AZ .  Epoxy2U manufactures all their products using only the highest premium ingredients and quality materials. Epoxy2U’s continued product development is based on decades of on-site experience, therefore offering helpful practical advice and delivering economical solutions to fulfill the varied needs of their customers. Epoxy2U is committed to being up-to-date with “state-of-the-art” technology.  This places Epoxy2U in the direct spotlight, as a world-wide, liquid polymer market leader.


Easycove® is a manufacturer of uniquely, patented pre-formed coving products engineered to create a vastly superior bond to the walls and floor for coving demands in the resinous flooring industry. Installed in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional troweled coving, Easycove’s unique interlocking bond channels outperforms all other products on the market today. The moisture barrier, impact and tensile strength is second to none, and offers significant reductions on labor and material costs across the board. Visit Easycove.com