Frequently Asked Questions

If you want a guarantee that your cove will adhere to your substrate, then we recommend the Easycove 1K Adhesive. Any other product needs to be tested with the cove and it should be noted, some adhesives will NOT work with the Easycove cove base.

CSP is the measure of “roughness” of a surface as defined by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI).

A quality flooring installation requires proper preparation. Preparation produces an anchor profile on the surface to be coated. Having the correct Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) is critical for long-term adhesion of overlays and coatings. Easycove meets and exceeds the CSP standards with its built-in CSP3 level profile.

Yes, we offer pre-made or pre-cut. Pre-Cut Corners are a cost-effective choice that offer flexibility for non-standard corner angles. The benefit is you can make adjustments during installation! Pre-Cut Corners are cut at a 45° angle and require assembly in the field. We recommend Join & Seal adhesive for bonding corners. These are fast, easy, and half the cost of Pre-Made Corners!

Pre-Made Corners excel in time efficiency, particularly on larger projects with numerous corners. These corners eliminate the need for gluing and assembly, which saves time and reduces labor costs. With Pre-Made Corners, installation becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project.

Unfortunately, no. Easycove has developed a vast distributor network to not only service your Easycove needs, but provide you with the customer service needed to answer your questions and product in a timely matter. Easycove sets itself apart, not only in the quality and delivery of its product, but in building authentic and solid relationships. It’s through these relationships that we have been able to grow and achieve success in delivering a quality, patented product, of which surpasses any other integral cove base on the market. We choose to work with those that align with our integrity and credibility, and with commitments to the end customer in mind. We value the conscious efforts we have made to engage with our customers (our distributors) over the years to let them know that our relationships are invaluable. Without them, we would not be a success.

As long as an imperious coating system is applied over the top, face, and bottom lip – it will work perfectly.

Yes.  And as importantly, our 1K Adhesive was designed specifically to work with our cove base (not all adhesives are created equal – nor do they work with our cove base).

We always encourage installers to properly abrade or prepare the substrate prior to any install.  There is no prep needed for the cove base as it has a CSP3 profile “built-in”.

The Join & Seal is specific to the joints.  We actually utilize the J&S when making our corners in-house.

Easycove is prepared with a CSP3 profile for coating and can be coated with all resinous type coatings.

USDA does not approve individual products anymore.  They approve chemicals and our material is approved.

  • It is not considered hazardous by the 2012 OSHA Hazard Communication Standards.
  • It does NOT contain California Proposition 65 components.
  •  It complies with TSCA International inventories as well.

Similar material that is used in FRP (which is used worldwide) is approved by USDA and NSF.  NSF is a voluntary (non-profit Foundation) and FSIS leaves it up to the individual plants on how their products meet criteria for contamination and currently focuses on Hazard Analysis – which as stated above in point 2 – we are not considered hazardous.

Yes, with a recommended final coating such as a clear polyaspartic to further mitigate against moisture intrusion and to provide a seamless and cohesive finish.

Yes, and we highly recommend you bristle blast (with an 80 grit) first to rough up the surface for an appropriate profile for adhesion – coupled with our Easycove 1K adhesive.

The results of our flammability tests, are measured by the highest safety rating and testing methods as required by the UL classifications, which in our case is UL94.  The results of such tests on our products have proved self-extinguishing.  ASTM 84E is a required burn test for “finishing” materials.  We can not guarantee what is “used/placed” ON our products to be self-extinguishing and nor do we test coatings products ON our product for ASTM 84E ratings. But, our products meet the required criteria and are self-extinguishing and will not support flame spread as required by ASTM 84E.

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