The Number One Question: How Much Bonding Material Should Be Applied?

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced contractor, applying a pre-formed cove base for the first time might seem challenging, but with Easycove® coving – you will find it is rather EASY. Even so, our number one question for install:  How much bonding material should be applied?

Here are 5 Easy Steps to Follow:

  1. When using Easycove® coving, we suggest you use the recommended two-part epoxy, which is sold with the coving material from your distributor.
  2. Cut the end of the tube at 1/8 of an inch.
  3. Apply the adhesive in a 1/8″ thick bead in both dove lock interlocking bond channels and on the floor at the inside 90 of the wall/floor interface. The Easycove™ cove anchor will sit in this adhesive, helping to create a tenacious bond to the substrate and a waterproof seal.
  4. It takes only 30 minutes for the bonding material to cure at 75F. If the cove does not sit flush against the wall, consider using blue tape to hold the cove in place until the adhesive is dry.
  5. When your 30 minutes are up – you should have a beautifully laid coving that is easily coated and has superior bond strength.

Please contact your distributor with any questions, or call Easycove® at 847-972-2131.

Heather Earley
President, Easycove®