Importance of Seamless Flooring in Different Applications

When it comes to architecture and design, every detail matters. Whether the entire design scheme…

Easycove & Autism Awareness

April is Autism Awareness month. In recent years, society has made efforts to understand and support individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

New Distributor: Resinous Flooring Supply Nashville

Easycove is happy to announce Resinous Flooring Supply of Nashville is joining the distributor team!

New Distributor: Resinous Flooring Supply Texas

Easycove is happy to announce Resinous Flooring Supply of Texas is joining the distributor team!

Successful Business Relationships

Core values are the ethical guide to driving your organization’s goals and, as importantly, making decisions and building meaningful relationships that will keep your company in business!

New Distributor: Stout Repairs from Billings, Montanta

Easycove is happy to announce Stout Repairs from Billings, Montanta is joining the distributor team!

EASYCOVE® Launches New Easycove 1K Adhesive

Easycove’s new adhesive further demonstrates Easycove’s initiative to provide high-quality products…

Thankful for Our Distributors

Distributors are our backbone. This Thanksgiving, we would like to give a special thanks to each and every one of them.

New Distributor: Platinum Concrete Coating of Texas

We are excited to work with Platinum Concrete Coatings of Texas. Welcome to the team!

Welcome Our Newest Distributors

Easycove is thankful for each and every one of our distributors. You all keep us going!

What is a CSP, anyway?

In the world of flooring installations, CSP stands for Concrete Surface Profile. The higher the number, the rougher the surface.

New Distributor: Concrete Pro Supply

We are excited to work with Concrete Pro Supply out of Fort Worth, Texas! Cultivate your inner pro.

New Distributor: Paradigm Concrete Finishes

Based out of Sarasota and serving the surrounding areas, with over 25 years of experience this team makes unique flooring transformations designed to inspire.

New Distributor: RFS

RFS is a family owned and operated flooring supplier specializing in the sale of commercial and industrial resinous flooring systems.

Simple to Install Pre-formed Cove Base

Easycove is no stranger to the importance of cove base within the resinous flooring industry. This understanding has proven invaluable in fulfilling the demand for high-quality

Easycove is Moving!

Effective August 15, 2023, Easycove will be relocated. Please update your records with our new address information including shipping, receiving, accounting, purchase orders, etc.

We Care About Our Customers

Customer service is our foundation! Our president, Heather O’Brien, believes that everyone should be treated the way you’d want to be treated.

Anyone Can Install Easycove!

Installing cove base has never been easier with Easycove’s pre-formed cove base system.

Pre-Cut and Pre-Made Corners

Pre-Cut Corners are a cost-effective choice that offer flexibility for non-standard corner angles.

Autism Support

April is all about Autism Awareness. 

Easycove Coving You Can Trust

When you are starting a flooring project, you need all parts of the equation to be reliable. That’s why

Reasons to Love Our Cove

Easycove is a unique, patented coving system designed to be a beneficial part of your project specs. Our design

Timeless Designs Never Go Out of Style

What does it mean to be classic? Easycove has a patented design that is sure to be a classic. Our high-quality

Easycove Saves You Time!

We contacted a 30-year veteran-chief estimator in the resinous flooring industry and here is what he had to say:

Giving Thanks to our Distributors!

Easycove wants to thank our customers and distributors this holiday season and wish you all peace

Too Many Hats is Never a Problem

We do it all: we make the sales pitches, we set up distributors for success, we process orders, and we answer

What makes us different?

Easycove truly outperforms the competition! Not only that, but we recommend adhesives that work best with

Thankful for our distributors

Behind every great company is a great team. Easycove is grateful for the wonderful distributors that help keep

The Easycove Advantage

Easycove is a unique and revolutionary pre-formed polymer cove base system that truly outperforms all other

Trust Easycove

Easycove can tout all the advantages of our patented cove system but we would like you to hear it from those who trust

Meet the President, Heather O’Brien

Heather O’Brien started Easycove with a desire to lead. Easycove is a unique, patented polymer pre-formed cove system

Don’t Settle For Less With Your Adhesives

Easycove and the adhesives we recommend are tested in our lab per ASTM Standards. We only recommend materials that

Want to distribute Easycove?

It’s never been easier to apply to be a distributor for Easycove. We personally look over each applicant and carefully

Why Choose Easycove?

Our cove works in a variety of markets and can meet your needs. It is easy to install, saves you time and money

2021 Print Ad Recap

In 2021, we put some of our best ads and features forward for our customers and distributors.

Happy Holidays and New Year!

Easycove wants to thank our customers and distributors this holiday season and wish

Customer Service Focus

How a company treats its customers speaks a lot about that company. Customer service has been at the core of Easycove from the very beginning.

How Our Market is “Growing”

Easycove® puts your mind at ease with our agriculturally safe and low  maintenance cove bases.


Easycove® is truly a one-of-a-kind floor to wall cove system. Typical coves need caulk at both the top and bottom edges, but with our patented design, this is not needed!


Easycove's unique DoveLock™ Bond Channels and innovative Cove Anchor offer a watertight barrier and provide superior adhesion. Easycove is simply better by design. Watch our video for a closer look!


Easycove® cove base moldings are pre-formed with a patented watertight design, specifically geared for the floor and wall coatings industry. Other benefits include:


Easycove® patented cove system is truly one-of-a-kind! Our CSP3 profile ensures a strong coating adhesion. It can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional trowel down cove systems.


Libertyville, IL – Easycove® announced today, it has partnered with Decorative Concrete Supply, LLC as a distributor for Easycove® patented coving products.


An in-depth interview conducted by Stephanie Chizik of Coastings PRO magazine featuring Heather O’Brien, President of Easycove.


On a Coatings Pro Podcast earlier this year, Heather O’Brien, president of Easycove, appeared as a guest to talk about current market trends in the realm of seamless, resinous flooring….


Easycove® is a manufacturer of uniquely designed and patented polymer pre-formed cove base. Engineered to create a vastly superior bond to the walls and floor for the resinous flooring industry


Preston will be handling our production and shipping/receiving here at our Chicago location. Preston brings with him a wealth of experience in areas of the warehouse, inventory, shipping/receiving and has great attention to detail.

PODCAST: Why Seamless Flooring Is Expanding in 2020

Heather O’Brien, President of Easycove, joins the CoatingsPro Interview Series to discuss the growing market in 2020 for seamless flooring and the importance of coving for clients and contractors.

Easycove Welcomes Epoxy Systems International

Libertyville, IL – Easycove® announced today, it has partnered with Epoxy Systems International as a distributor for Easycove® patented coving products.

Easycove Welcomes Ultra Durable Technologies

Ultra Durable Technologies (UDT) is an innovative leader of specialty coatings, sealers, and finishes for the commercial and industrial flooring industry.

PAEpoxy Joins the Team

PAEpoxy is an epoxy, equipment, tool, and rental supplier for the coatings industry who work with the top manufacturers of epoxies, equipment,

Easycove Canada and CTM Distribution Join Forces

CTM Distribution is dedicated to providing quality proven polymer and decorative floorings, epoxy floor and wall coatings

Easycove Welcomes Epoxy2U as Distributor

Epoxy2U is a liquid polymer production and manufacturing company located in Tempe, AZ .  Epoxy2U manufactures

KOSTER American – Easycove Welcomes their Newest Distributor

“KOSTER American Corp. is an experienced and world-class company. With a focus on quality products, continual

Easycove Adds Lifetime Coatings as a Supplier of Easycove Products

Lifetime Coatings makes sense – they have made their mark with award-winning materials that satisfy the needs of

Easycove® Welcomes Barnsco Decorative as New Distributor in Texas

Barnsco Decorative, Inc. states, “We pride ourselves in having the best products in the industry on the shelf when our customers need them.

PRESS RELEASE – Easycove Announces Patent Grant

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Easycove’s CEO, Christopher J. O’Brien, a patent for his technical invention of

Easycove® Welcomes a New Canadian Distributor

Every Garage Masters build starts with a free on-site property inspection. Our sales/design consultants will survey for trees, hydro lines

EASYCOVE® announces Desert Polymer Flooring, Inc. as their newest California distributor

Exclusive partnership ensures additional California exposure and availability of high quality coving products in the resinous floorin

Announcing our newest Eastern Distributor.

Tri-Chem’s unique way of doing business provides a valuable and innovative way for selling Easycove®.

Concrete Flooring Associates…Has CLOSED its Doors

Concrete Flooring Associates joined the Easycove® distributor group in March 0f 2017. Concrete Flooring Associates is no longer

Easycove partners with Citadel Floors

Citadel Floor Finishing Systems is a worldwide leader in polyaspartic and polyurea technologies and Easycove is proud to

Easycove® welcomes Xtreme Polishing Systems as newest distributor

Xtreme Polishing Systems is a full service retail and rental company providing the industry’s finest surface preparation

BDC Epoxy Systems joins Easycove® distribution team

BDC has been manufacturing urethane and epoxies since 1976, and has a strong presence in the industrial floor coatings

Easycove® announces SPI Performance Coatings as their new international European distributor

SPI Performance Coatings is a well ‘respected leader’ in the industry, providing high performance and technical solutions

Safeguard Linings in Canada

Please Welcome Safeguard Linings as our newest Distributor for the Canadian region. We are excited to have them on board

Easycove welcomes Prouco Group

Partnership expands Distribution Network in Island Nations with Prouco Group located in Puerto Rico. Professional Universal

Saving Money: Trowel-Down Cove vs Easycove®

The installation of hand-troweled, radius epoxy cove-base, requires a great deal of experience, technique and time. Successful installations

EASYCOVE® Appoints New International Product Manager

Niyaz joins Easycove® as International Product Manager to further support the demands for Easycove® uniquely pre-formed coving products

EASYCOVE® Offers Exclusive Territory to Concrete Accessories, Inc. in Las Vegas

Concrete Accessories, Inc. is a leader in construction supplies and service.  With more than 40 years in the industry

EASYCOVE® Expands Distribution Network in Midwest

David Mortellaro, Vice President at Industrial Coatings, makes a considerate effort to focus on cost and selection of quality products. 

EASYCOVE® Broadens International Exposure Appointing MRJ Industrial Services, Ltd. as new Distributor In Australia

MRJ Industrial is a progressive flooring company, who as a full service contracting company with a multi-disciplinary approach

Easycove® Acknowledges Quality Coving Needs in Resinous Flooring Industry and Appoints ACF Distribution, Inc. as new Distributor

Partnership strengthens availability of high quality coving products and services in the resinous flooring industry.

EASYCOVE® Announces X-Calibur Construction Chemistry, Inc. as New International Distributor

X-Calibur Construction Chemistry Inc. is focused on the supply of high quality specialist construction products. X-Calibur’s

New Distributor Amidst Product Demands

The Concrete Protector is the concrete industries most trusted supplier of products, equipment and training to protect

Does Your Pre-Formed Cove Look Like This?

If so, most likely you are not using Easycove® coving. With proper installation using the appropriate adhesive, pre-formed coving

The Number One Question: How Much Bonding Material Should Be Applied?

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced contractor, applying a pre-formed cove base for the first time might seem challenging

Welcome to Easycove®

Easycove™ coving was designed with DoveLock™ interlocking bond channels to protect against moisture intrusion, has an