Pre-Cut and Pre-Made Corners

Easycove, a leader in cove base solutions, offers two exceptional options for achieving seamless corner installations: Pre-Cut Corners and Pre-Made Corners. These products provide time and cost savings while ensuring consistent results, making them an advantage for any construction or renovation project.

Pre-Cut Corners are a cost-effective choice that offer flexibility for non-standard corner angles. The benefit is you can make adjustments during installation! Pre-Cut Corners are cut at a 45° angle and require assembly in the field. We recommend Join & Seal adhesive for bonding corners. These are fast, easy, and half the cost of Pre-Made Corners!

Pre-Made Corners excel in time efficiency, particularly on larger projects with numerous corners. These corners eliminate the need for gluing and assembly, which saves time and reduces labor costs. With Pre-Made Corners, installation becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project.

Both options are available as inside or outside corners and offer the convenience of eliminating the need for a miter saw on site. Whether you prioritize cost savings or time efficiency, you can get both with Easycove.

Easycove’s Pre-Cut Corners and Pre-Made Corners are game-changers in the industry, offering convenience, time savings, and cost-effectiveness. Say goodbye to the hassle of having a miter saw on site and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of Easycove’s innovative solutions.

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