Simple to Install Pre-formed Cove Base

Easycove offers a one of a kind, simple to install pre-formed cove base!

Easycove is no stranger to the importance of cove base within the resinous flooring industry. This understanding has proven invaluable in fulfilling the demand for high-quality cove based products to be specified in projects.

Easycove coving offers the flexibility to be precisely mitered to various angles. Paired with our patented DoveLock™ interlocking bond channels, our cove base can accommodate both interior and exterior angles seamlessly.

We offer multiple sizes of cove for your flooring needs as well as pre-formed and pre-cut corners.

Each pre-formed cove base by Easycove saves time and reduces material and labor expenses. Thousands of linear feet of Easycove can be efficiently set up, far surpassing the speed (or lack thereof) of traditional trowel-down methods or other precast cove bases. Our distinctive “no caulk” lip bevel removes the necessity for caulk finishing.

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