Successful Business Relationships

Easycove: Successful Business Relationships: How to Get There

Core values are the ethical guide to driving your organization’s goals and, as importantly, making decisions and building meaningful relationships that will keep your company in business! You need win-win relationships to succeed. So, where do we start?


Technology is the driving force behind almost everything we do. Whether we communicate with family and significant others or express ourselves on social media, technology has made a significant impact on relationships, both personal and business.

With 41% of Americans addicted to their phones, now more than ever, we need to go back to basics, engage at a face-to-face level, and be more interactive with our customers. It’s the in-person relationships that will help your brand and businesses succeed.

Social media gives you the data to bring the information to your customers at the right time. However, you must understand your customers’ needs before sharing that information.



Integrity is crucial to your relationship’s success and your company’s success.

Integrity is the basis for honoring the relationships you have built, standing by the products you create, and staying true to yourself so that you can be true to others. Integrity is the pathway to being trusted by others.

We establish integrity when we integrate credibility into our daily lives. Do what you say you will do, honor your commitments, and stay true to the relationships you are working hard to develop.

Over time, this credibility will build trust, the cornerstone of any successful business relationship. While virtual communication can be efficient, it often needs more depth and authenticity that comes with face-to-face interaction. Take an opportunity to meet with your customers in person, where you will ultimately foster a genuine connection that you don’t get over a text or social media. By allowing your clients, partners, or employees to see your sincerity and commitment, they are more likely to trust your intentions and capabilities.


Effective Communication

Are you seeking effective collaborations for the long term? Communication is key. Communicate effectively, with clarity, and with intention. Establish a connection by listening and understanding first before being understood. Steer clear of digital communication that can be too brief or emails that tend to be longer or bogged down with excessive details, making the ultimate message hard to follow. Instead, focus on face-to-face interactions and quality engagement for greater clarity and effective shared outcomes. Make social media your second choice.


Strengthening Relationships

Let’s start with humility.

Being confident is a great strength as a leader. But confidence is not enough. Humility breeds credibility, and confidence without humility breeds distrust. If you want people to be confident in your brand and the company you represent, you need to be not only humble and confident in yourself but also confident in your customers’ abilities.

Strong business relationships are built on more than just transactions; they are built on mutual understanding, respect, and loyalty. Your brand is built on the people you serve and the relationships you create.


Problem Solving and Innovation

Challenges and innovative solutions sometimes emerge from brainstorming and in-depth discussions. These spontaneous in-person exchanges often bring new insight and perspective necessary for problem-solving.


Competitive Advantage

Everything’s a competition in the business landscape. Setting yourself apart from others is critical. Being authentic and having a solid understanding of your values will build strength within your business and your business relationships. By being authentic, people will learn to trust you, become confident in what you say, and ultimately find you credible. Once you establish your relationships built on trust, the rest will follow.

When adding value to the relationship, you build on your integrity. When we provide the tools necessary for our customers to be successful, when we are committed to open and transparent communications, and when we fulfill our commitments to the customer, we add value to the relationship. When sincere and truthful, we integrate credibility and establish integrity into our relationship.

Building solid relationships sets you apart from those that focus solely on technology. Customers are more likely to choose companies they have a personal connection with, giving you the upper hand over the competition.

While technology has revolutionized our work, the conscious effort to engage with customers lets them know you care and is ultimately invaluable.