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PRESS RELEASE – Easycove Announces Patent Grant


EASYCOVE®, a division of J&J Services Group, Inc. (www.easycove.com), a manufacturer of uniquely engineered pre-formed coving products for the resinous flooring industry, announced today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Easycove’s CEO, Christopher J. O’Brien, a patent for his technical invention of Cove Base Molding.

The patent, titled Cove Base Molding Systems and Methods (US 14/964,561) relates to the application of adhesive to the bond channels; thereby, securing the cove lengths to the wall, including the cove anchor to ensure adhesion to the floor/wall interface.

“Obtaining this patent, further demonstrates Easycove’s approach to offer easy installation of cove base compared to traditional troweled coving, while offering a significant moisture barrier as well as reduction in labor and materials costs.  We are thrilled to have this patent, as it represents what we have stated from the beginning of its inception, Easycove is “One of a Kind, and Better by Design, said Heather O’Brien, President of Easycove.

About EASYCOVE® Easycove®is a manufacturer of uniquely pre-formed coving products engineered to create a vastly superior bond to the walls and floor for coving demands in the resinous flooring industry.  Installed in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional troweled coving, Easycove’s unique interlocking bond channels outperforms all other products on the market today.  The moisture barrier, impact and tensile strength is second to none, and offers significant reductions on labor and material costs across the board. Visit Easycove.com for further information.