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PODCAST: Why Seamless Flooring Is Expanding in 2020

Heather O’Brien, President of Easycove, joins the CoatingsPro Interview Series to discuss the growing market in 2020 for seamless flooring and the importance of coving for clients and contractors. With hygiene, a primary consideration during COVID-19, the Easycove executive explains how cove base can be a part of the solution.

O’Brien also explores market trends and challenges in 2020, as well as some potential strategies to adapt to the changing marketplace.

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Easycove Welcomes Epoxy Systems International

Libertyville, IL – Easycove® announced today, it has partnered with Epoxy Systems International as a distributor for Easycove® patented coving products.  The agreement includes distribution of 1”, 4” and 6” coving products as well as our high-performance adhesive.   Under this agreement, Epoxy Systems International (ESI) will serve the Western region of the U.S. with a strong presence in California.

“With over 40 years of experience in epoxy installations and manufacturing, ESI carries a full range of epoxy systems for the Southern California territory.  Working together, ESI will provide customers with a high level of service, extensive knowledge and our unique products that further ensure quality systems for the resinous flooring industry.  Easycove® has seen a big growth in the California market, and with our collective efforts, we look forward to all that we can achieve as a team.” – Heather O’Brien, President, Easycove®.

“Epoxy Systems International has recently joined forces with a top-level resins manufacturer.  As a full-service supplier for the resinous flooring industry, ESI opened their doors to the public on June 12. With over 30 different epoxy and industrial flooring systems, we understand the need for quality products, and knew that Easycove was a direct fit with our company.”

About ESI

Epoxy Systems International (ESI) is a Southern California company specializing in Epoxy123 systems, designed by professionals with quality in mind.  In 2020, ESI merged with Onyx Coatings to create and provide exceptional products and services to their commercial and residential customers.


Easycove® is a manufacturer of uniquely patented pre-formed coving products engineered to create a vastly superior bond to the walls and floor for coving demands in the resinous flooring industry. Installed in a fraction of the time, compared to traditional troweled coving, Easycove’s unique interlocking bond channels outperform all other products on the market today. The moisture barrier, impact, and tensile strength is second to none and offers significant reductions on labor and material costs across the board. Visit Easycove.com