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With few exceptions, current cove base moldings are typical of traditional hand troweled cove and/or pre-fabricated cove bases with pre-formed corner moldings. This outdated design and process no longer meets the demands of industry for applications that require seamless construction or long-term bond strength and adherence.

In 2012, the makers of Easycove®  coving developed a highly engineered, pre-formed, patented watertight cove molding, specifically geared for the wall and floor coatings industry.

Past experience demonstrates, traditional cove installation can be difficult for a variety of reasons:

Higher propensity for water intrusion, causing long-term mold and mildew; lack of bond strength, combustion, and lack of customizable products.

Easycove™coving was designed with DoveLock™ interlocking bond channels to protect against moisture intrusion, has an expansion coefficient similar to epoxy, provides superior bond strength, and allows for greater installation convenience. In addition, test after test, Easycove® coving has proven to be fire resistant.

We at Easycove™ are focused on the end result: a superior cove product, that is easily customizable, out-performs the competition and meets the demands of industry at a fraction of the price.

It is our hope, you too will experience the benefits of Easycove® and DoveLock™ for your wall and flooring needs.

The Easycove®  Team